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Team Building Events at Venturi’s Table

Our team building cookery events are a ‘tried and tested’ way for professionals to strengthen their working relationships. The process is natural and unforced. Senior managers make fresh pasta with junior members of the team and departmental divides are crossed with conversations about making the perfect risotto. At Venturi’s Table, we don’t need to impose team building… it just happens.

In offering corporate team building events designed around hands-on cookery and delicious food we also use an approach which is both inclusive and universally appealing. Professionals may arrive dreading what their boss has arranged but they always leave our cookery school smiling.

How it works

The emphasis is on fun, relaxation and enjoyment. Rather than mindless amounts of chopping or arm-straining mixing, participants are invited to ‘sip and stir,’ enjoying fine wines as they cook in a state-of-the-art kitchen. At the end of their session, hungry, fully relaxed teams sit down together and are served the delicious food they have created themselves.

Here at Venturi’s Table, we are always flexible to fit in with the groups needs. Menus are designed individually for each group, bearing in mind food sensitivities and a competitive edge can even be added for an adrenalin-driven team.

Different levels of culinary skills are accounted for, with seasoned cooks exposed to trade secrets and beginners able to get stuck in. A team of chefs and waiting staff are also provided to ensure the creation of the meal is both enjoyable and effortless.

Team event timings

Cookery team building events range from two-and-a-half hours to four hours long and timings can be designed to suit each client. Morning and evening slots are the most popular, allowing teams to work towards an hour long lunchtime or evening meal.

Meeting spaces are available, (subject to availability), and we can provide presentation equipment.


We’ve run cookery events for a huge range of clients…

Team Building Cooking Classes Reviews

Venturi’s Table Team Building Cooking Classes have scored on average 246 out of 250 based on 49 reviews.